And it came to pass…

…that the Goddess of Blogging appeareth unto me and saith, “Behold, thou shouldst start a blog.” And I saith, “Wherefore shouldst I do this thing? Is not the Internet already consumed with an abundance of blogs? Yea, verily, hath not a mighty flood of blogs — a flood such as has not been seen since the days of Noah — washed over the universe of cyberspace?” And the Goddess of Blogging saith unto me, “I knew not that Noah kept a blog.” “That was not the intended meaning of my words,” saith I. “Behold, I was employing but a figure of speech.” “I now comprehend thy meaning,” saith the Goddess. “But of that magnitude of blogs to which you have made reference, there is not one of which you are the author. Behold, therein lies the difference.” “I find it difficult to refute thy logic,” saith I. “Verily, what the hell, I will attempt this thing which you have suggesteth unto me.” And the Goddess saith, “Behold, thy attitude, while not perfect, is acceptable unto me. What the hell.”

And, upon finishing this saying, the Goddess of Blogging departed from my presence, to no doubt torment some other poor soul.

And it came to pass…

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